Full Discretionary Investment

Full Discretionary Investment Portfolios


We provide segregate full discretionary investment portfolios to our high net wealth clients and institutional professional investors.

The minimum investment amount for each portfolio is USD 1 million or multiple. Our goal is to earn an absolute return for our clients to achieve performance. We report our trades to every client at day end by electronic means and clients should receive their own Net Asset Value report every month.


Our dedicated fund managers are licensed by Securities and Future Commission in Hong Kong to provide full discretionary investment services to high net worth professional investors and family trust funds. Our goal is to facilitate every customer to build and preserve their wealth, deliver consistent, risk aware returns, creating and implementing long-term asset allocation with the context of clients’ particular risk tolerance so as to enjoy their leisure lives.  Our fee structure consists of a fixed management fee, which is calculated based on the asset under management, and a performance fee which is calculated based on the high water-mark mechanism.(see the below example for the calculation of the performance fee).


Performance Fee calculation (assuming a 20% performance fee)

Example 1:

Assume the initial value of the client’s portfolio is HK$ 10,000,000 and it rises to HK$ 15,000,000 as of the 1st due date, the performance fee is:

                                                     (15,000,000 – 10,000,000) * 20% = 1,000,000

Example 2:

If the client’s portfolio value drops from HK$ 15,000,000 to HK$ 9,900,000 as of the 2nd due date, the performance fee is:

                                                     (9,900,000 – 15,000,000) * 20% = 0

Example 3:

If the client’s portfolio value rises from HK$ 9,900,000 to HK$ 18,000,000 as of the 3rd due date, the performance fee is:


                                                     (18,000,000 – 15,000,000) * 20% = 600,000