Full Discretionary Investment Portfolios

Our dedicated fund managers are licensed by Securities and Future Commission in Hong Kong to provide full discretionary investment services to high net worth professional investors and family trust funds. Our goal is to facilitate every customer to build and preserve their wealth, deliver consistent, risk aware returns, creating and implementing long-term asset allocation with the context of clients’ particular risk tolerance so as to enjoy their leisure lives.  Our fee structure consists of a fixed management fee, which is calculated based on the asset under management, and a performance fee which is calculated based on the higher water-mark mechanism.(see the below example for the calculation of the performance fee).


Offshore Financial Planning

Creative Asset Management Limited’s business partners include many offshore professional institutions which can provide a wide range of expertise services including trust planning, retirement plans, offshore company formation to protect your assets and reduce tax expenses legally.  We also provide formation services for private equity platforms.



“Capital Investment Entrant Scheme” (CIES) Since the launch of “Capital Investment Entrant Scheme” (CIES) by the Government of HKSAR in October 2003, the scheme has been well accepted by foreign nationals.  Applicants are allowed to make the choices of Hong Kong investments from the list of “Permissible Investment Asset Classes” and no need to establish or join in a local business in order to obtain a Hong Kong permanent resident status.


Creative Asset Management Limited has team of consultants to provide advice and support to customers interested in CIES. Our consultants and fund managers will tailor-make suitable investment plans according to customers’ different backgrounds and risk appetites. It is also our responsibilities to take care of the reporting requirements of the Immigration Department of Hong Kong during the 7 years until our customers obtain the identities as permanent Hong Kong residents ultimately.